Montalto Estate offers an array of beautiful gardens for you to explore and enjoy

The Alpine Garden

With 245 varieties of alpine plants, this is both incredibly impressive visually, and unusually large, according to the Alpine Garden Society (Ulster Group).

Planted over a period of two years with the help of local specialist alpine growers, we are continually developing this garden which is at its most impressive in spring and autumn.

The Winter Garden

Relatively unusual in Northern Ireland, as the name would suggest this garden is at its best in winter.

The garden contains a mix of dogwoods and willows for stem colour, and a mix of birch and cherry trees for stem interest, as well as nine large collections of Christmas roses (Hellebores).

With this wonderful mix of winter-flowering, this garden with its wonderfully varied mix of colours and textures perfectly captures the winter mood and atmosphere.

The Lost Garden

Once overgrown and forgotten, now unearthed and restored. The Lost Garden provides an understanding of how this historic setting would have looked back in 1912.

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this impressive setting, with its winding paths, and breath-taking views.

Discover more about the key features of this Garden, and the unique plants found here, through interpretative signage, as you walk through the Trail.

The Orchard

Growing through a recently planted Irish native wildflower meadow, this beautiful orchard contains a mix of great croppers and Irish heritage apple trees, as well as an avenue of flowering cherry and crab apple trees.

Please note: The Orchard is only open to the public for specific events and special occasions.

The Walled Garden

This stunning walled garden showcases borders of herbaceous perennials, all perfectly maintained to ensure the garden is a wonderful backdrop for wedding photographs.

The garden also contains beautiful water features, including a fountain and cascade pool. It also contains Espalier pear trees along its walls, while the working greenhouse contains a range of pelargoniums and succulents.

Please note: This area is only available at certain times and during special events as it forms part of our wedding venue The Carriage Rooms

The Formal Garden

Offering wonderful views of Montalto Lake and boathouse, this garden has a defined structure and geometric shapes. It’s about simplicity and order, with straight lines, symmetrical patterns and repetition.

To the north of the main house this elegant garden is laid out in a formal manner consisting of six large beds with a buxus sempervirens (box) clipped hedge and includes a mature topiary Laurel umbrella (Prunus lusiticana). In spring these beds are complemented by a vivid display of Tulipa ‘Spring Green’.

The Cutting Garden

This garden contains a number of different nursery beds, all made up of annuals, biennials, perennials and shrubs.

Please note: All flowers in this garden are grown by our team, for cutting; this means that all cut flowers displayed throughout the estate, have been sourced from here. Access to this garden is restricted to special events and workshops.

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