Gordon and June Wilson purchased the demesne in 1994, and lived here up until 2009 when, with their family grown-up, they decided the time had come to start the next chapter in the estate’s ongoing history. At this point, Montalto was opened as a private-hire venue, accommodating intimate weddings, high-end golf groups, and a wide range of corporate events.

The success of opening Montalto House gave the owners the confidence to create a larger offering. The result was The Carriage Rooms, which opened in 2012 as an exclusive and unique wedding venue. Once this had been established and became a success, the Wilsons began to formulate plans to transform the estate into a modern visitor attraction that could be enjoyed by everyone.

In opening up the estate to the public, the family wanted to preserve its heritage and natural beauty, while at the same time inspiring and delighting visitors.

The result is a stunning tourist attraction that not only retains the estate’s ancient heritage and history but also enables visitors to relax and reconnect with nature.

It is a perfect mix of old world meets new. While its natural beauty, dating back centuries, remains relatively untouched, visitors can also enjoy trails and walks, beautiful gardens, a homely eating experience, and a relaxing shopping environment that’s in keeping with the sustainable spirit of the estate.

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We hope you enjoy Montalto as much as we do and have done.

Now it’s yours to explore just as we have over the years, and we hope you will appreciate why we are so passionate about the estate – and that our passion will quickly inspire yours.

By opening our estate to you, we are ensuring that its long and fascinating history stays alive for many years to come. We hope you get as much enjoyment from it as we have done, and more than anything else, we hope that once you visit, you’ll want to keep on coming back time after time.

Gordon and June, owners of the estate

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