Visitor Centre, Shop and Café

The Visitor Centre, Shop and Café at Montalto are widely accessible.
Lift access is available to the Shop from the Visitor Centre.

The Café offers an accessible toilet as well as male and female ambulant cubicles.


Assistance Dogs

All well-behaved dogs kept on their leads are welcome through to the Trails & Gardens.

In relation to The Visitor Centre, Shop and Café, all recognised guide, assistance or service dogs — including assistance dogs in training — are welcome at Montalto Estate. Please make sure dogs are wearing their designated jacket or lead slip and remember to bring their Assistance Dogs (UK) identification book with you.


Trails and Gardens

The trail head offers accessible toilets and there is an accessible toilet at the natural play area

The Lake Trail is widely accessible with an easy gradient.

The Garden Trail is partially accessible, with steps at various sections of the trail. As a result, parts of this trail will not be suitable for wheelchair users.

The Woodland Trail is accessible as far as the Natural Play Area and has an easy-to-moderate gradient.

Due to the nature of the landscape, the History Trail is not suitable for visitors with limited mobility.