Walking in nature – Bringing the outside in

Over the past month we have been focusing on promoting all that is good about walking in nature on the estate. Walking for short bursts each day can greatly improve mood and wellbeing and with four walking trails, Montalto makes the most perfect location to explore and reconnect with nature, awakening the senses.  At the end of January we welcomed two snowy white swans to our lake and it appears that they have decided to make the estate their home.

Whilst walking in nature has its many benefits, bringing the outside in can be just as effective. According to a study carried out by NASA, house plants can help to extract harmful toxins and pollutants such as CO2 and benzene from the air. One of our estate gardeners, Victoria notes that air purifying plants such as Sansevieria (Snake plants), Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilies) and Dracaena (Dragon Trees) are great for plotting around the home, especially in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms – the perfect way to bring the outside in.

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