You will see a large collection of rhododendron hybrids, sourced from John Gault, a Northern Irish expert.

As you make your way past the Summer House you will see lots of other wonderful shrubbery and planting.

You will make your way down to the Rock Garden. In the pinetum, you will also see one of our champion trees, a giant Redwood: a champion tree is defined as the tallest, oldest, or largest example of its species or kind, in a certain area. Our Redwood makes the champions list because it has the largest girth of its type recorded in Northern Ireland.

Visitors can make their way past the historic bathing house; here, keep an eye out for the words ‘Abide with me’, inscribed in the concrete as you approach it. No-one knows who inscribed these words here or why they did so. In this area, you will soon be able to explore a planted fern garden.

As you pass the lake, you will see another of our champion trees, this one a beautiful large Sycamore; this is a champion tree because it has been rated as a magnificent spreading lawn specimen.