Champion Trees
Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana

This stunning tree is a champion tree. It is the best specimen of its type within N Ireland, and this is determined by measuring its height, its canopy spread, its girth, and its overall look

Look at the beautiful shape of this tree, such a gorgeous specimen that has had its home here for at least 200 years. This tree is a sun worshipper and likes to be in an open site, it has great resistance to wind and harsh weather. It comes from the higher altitudes Mediterranean and is very happy to grow in the persistent damp windy climes we have in the UK and Ireland. It is a champion within Northern Ireland for its girth size.

Common name: Black Pine
Eventual Height: 45 metres
Life span: 500 years
Native: Non – Native
Value to Wildlife: Non-native conifers are not a firm favourite for our native wildlife but this tree still has its uses. It can provide shelter for birds, deer and small mammals. Some birds like their black seeds for food.
Uses: This pine timber is fairly soft as it is a relatively fast growing tree, it has good straight growth which makes it favourable to the construction industry, it is also widely used as fuel and for paper. As a planted tree it is reliably used to create shelter belts as it likes full sun and tolerates exposed windy sites.

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