Oral History Archive launched at Montalto Estate

Over the past few months, we have been interviewing, researching and gathering living memories from local people who recall the traditional aspects of a working estate and the community that built up around it. They’ve brought it all vividly back to life for the public to listen to and enjoy.

The Wilson family, who own the estate, felt that it was important to gather this information now, while it was still available. What they have commissioned is a useful compilation of historic recollections so that people of all ages can engage with and take inspiration from it in the future.

This audio visual installation, located in the visitor centre at Montalto Estate, enables you to hear the stories of those who had an active involvement in the estate, many of whom also lived there.

There are nine individual short films covering topics including; ‘Working On The Estate’, ‘The Battle of Ballynahinch – 1798’ and ‘The House.’ Curator, Victoria Millar interviewed thirteen local people who kindly contributed their time and memories to give a personal account of their involvement with the estate. This has resulted in some wonderful sound bites and gives a true sense of what life was really like on a beautiful country estate in the heart of Co. Down.

Montalto Estate is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday. Visit for more information. The visitor centre is free to access and it is hoped that many people will take the time to enjoy the results of this project.

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